Equipment of chicken manure drying machine is introduced

Equipment includes 1 chicken manure dryer drum rotary drying host 2, hot blast furnace 3, spiral feeding machine, dust collector, 4 5 6, deodorization tower control console. The user need not for other equipment.
Because the pure chicken manure organic fertilizer on soil fertility, lasting for a long time, has been recognized by the majority of users. Shandong Shenxian development of Agaricus bisporus, Anhui Dangshan pear, are pollution-free green as a prerequisite and occupation of the market, and their preferred fertilizers is pure chicken manure organic fertilizer, and the pure manure organic fertilizer is the main raw material for a variety of organic compound fertilizer, biological fertilizer. Therefore, organic fertilizer market prospect is quite broad, it creates economic benefits is considerable.
Process flow:
Stir - feeding - drying - cooling and bagging
The main features:
1 drum drying of high degree of mechanization, high capacity, continuous running.
2, simple structure, excellent material through the barrel body resistance of stable running, convenient operation.
3 less failure, low maintenance cost, low power consumption.
4 wide applicable range, good uniformity of products drying.
An installation commissioning:
1, the equipment should be installed in the level of concrete foundation, fixed with anchor bolts.
2, the installation should pay attention to the host body and the horizontal vertical.
3, after installation, check all parts bolt looseness and host the hatch is fastened, please fasten.
4, according to the dynamic allocation of power line equipment and control switch.
5, check, empty load test, commissioning normal production can be carried out.


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