Lignite drying machine production line composed of six elements

According to the current development trend of China's energy resources, many domestic coal chemical projects to coal as fuel, as the coarse coal lignite coal is gradually to the stage.
Lignite prices compared to other kinds of coal is low, used for in situ development of coal chemical industry be richly endowed by nature, bituminous coal, anthracite coal resources have been fully utilized, the space to expand Co., development and utilization of mass or a few years ago on lignite.
Therefore, the development and utilization of coal resources in China be just unfolding and broad prospects. After after upgrading lignite can improve the heatindex, to meet user requirements on product moisture, so as to expand sales scope,but also can be solved by seasonal changes lead to the passive situation of productsales blocked, create new economic growth point for the production of enterprises.
The lignite mining increasing, the lignite drying machine market position andadvantage will more and more be customer understanding and perception, thus the lignite drying machine is a good sales prospects.
Lignite drying machine production line:
Material transport system, composed of a reproduced buffer feeder, belt conveyor,sealing scraper conveyor equipment;
Two, by the hot stove, scraper burning heating system to the slime dryer system slag machine, blower and other equipment to provide a stable high-temperature heatmedium;
Three, a sealing feeder, screw propeller, rotary drum dryer, self sealing material discharging device and other equipment of lignite drying and dehydration system;
Environmental protection dust removing system four, a cyclone dust collector and other equipment, fine particle recovery after drying products, realize the exhaustemission standard;
Distribution control system five, the electrical equipment power transformation and distribution device, monitoring and control system, industrial television system. (PCL system), the lignite drying machine system online monitoring, safety protection, centralor local features such as automatic control;
Product transport system six, from multiple belt conveyor consists of the dried product,will be transported to the designated location, outlet adopt heat resistant and good performance of sealing conveying equipment.


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