Chicken manure pig manure dryer equipment

Chicken manure dryer equipment working principle: high viscous material into broken drum dryer, directly by the feed screw is copied on the cylinder wall plate with scattered. Be away the material with good contact with the negative pressure of high temperature medium, heat transfer process. Due to the Angle of roller and the role of induced draft fan, the material moves slowly by feeding end to discharging end, and then by air at the discharge end, the pipeline drying after further into the dust catcher, discharge by closing the wind at last.
Chicken manure dryer key features:
1, less failure, low maintenance cost, low power consumption.
2, wide applicable scope, the uniformity of product drying is good.
3, dry and can also achieve the purpose of sterilization and deodorization.
4, production technology, the machine will moisture content 65% of fresh chicken manure after high temperature drying, disinfection, sterilization, decomposition of working procedure such as drying moisture content of less than 13% of the pure chicken manure fertilizer.
5, drying product: the organic fertilizer is necessary for crop variety of nutrition elements. Detection by the scientific research department that: 2.6% of nitrogen content in the fertilizer, phosphorus content was 3.5%, the k content was 2.5%, crude protein is 16-25%, 45% of organic matter. Is the best choose fertilizer pollution-free green food to grow, can also be used to feed the fish, cattle, pigs, etc
6, drum drying high mechanization degree, large production capacity, can work continuously.
7, good structure, simple, material through the barrel resistance smooth operation, easy to operate.
Chicken manure dryer equipment demand is huge, has its place in many fields, manure, organic fertilizer equipment is suitable for large, medium and small farms and the breeding of more developed regions, according to the requirements of drying product can adopt different heat source. Shandong hongfa heavy machinery co., LTD., after filtration of the old product, new type of chicken manure fertilizer production equipment more energy savings. This machine is suitable for water cut is less than 65% of the chicken manure, YaFen, livestock manure, slaughter scraps, etc., to open up feed resources, reduce feed costs, reduce the pollution of the environment has a good effect. Chicken manure drying machine adopts airflow drying method, high thermal efficiency, without destroying the premise of product quality, a complete deodorization and insecticidal sterilization for the material, the machine can be humidity under the high temperature at the beginning of a drying to raw material containing less than 14%.
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