Chicken manure dryer market prospect

A, chicken manure dryer market prospect
Variable pig feed, fresh chicken manure waste is organic fertilizer, the machine of steaming chicken manure stewing in addition to flavor, high temperature pin poison, stirring into a ball, using pulse airflow drying methods, high efficiency and energy saving, water content can be around 65% of the fresh chicken manure, pig or other bad slag, made into water content below 13%, odourless granular products, feed nutrition is not lower than fish meal, curing without bacteria, organic fertilizer, fertilizer effect of the disinfection is not insect.
The effect, because of the large pure chicken manure fertilizer fertility for a long time, has been recognized by the masses of users. Zhengzhou area established in 99, one hundred thousand acres of pollution-free vegetable greenhouses, changyuan county was named the "pollution-free rice production base", shandong shen county development of agaricus bisporus, anhui DangShan pear, only at the prerequisite of green pollution-free and occupy the market, and their preferred fertilizers is pure chicken manure fertilizer, pure chicken manure and organic fertilizer is the main raw materials of all sorts of organic compound fertilizer, biological fertilizer. Therefore, organic fertilizer market prospect is quite broad, it has created economic benefits are considerable.
Second, the main characteristics of chicken manure dryer:
1, the drum drying high mechanization degree, large production capacity, can work continuously.
2, simple structure, fine, material through the barrel resistance smooth operation, easy to operate.
3, less failure, low maintenance cost, low power consumption.
4, wide applicable scope, the uniformity of product drying is good.
5, energy conservation, environmental protection, improve the utilization rate of waste and reduce agricultural operation cost.
6, the use of natural fertilizer, increase agricultural production, agricultural products more green and healthy.


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