Dryer use, works

The main purpose of the production of the series daiwo mechanical dryer technology is widely used in:
    1, minerals: iron, coal, Shahe, bentonite, titanium ore, manganese ore, pyrite, limestone, peat.
    2, the chemical industry: ammonium sulfate, sodium sulfide, security-rich powder, ammonium nitrate, urea, oxalic acid, potassium dichromate, nitrate, phosphate, calcium magnesium phosphate, fertilizer, copper sulfate.
    3, the food industry: glucose, salt, sugar, vitamins, malted milk, granulated sugar.
    4. Other: flat beans, garbage abrasives, match sticks, wood, lees.
     Features It consists of rotary body, lifting plate, gear, support equipment and seals and other components. I plant dryer lifting plate using the new device has a guide, average current, lifting and many other features make the material in the dryer full uniform radial section, become thin curtain material, all, all of the state, full contact with hot air, to make full use of heat energy purposes.
     I plant a reasonable choice dryer operating parameters, coal consumption and electricity consumption are generally lower than 10-15% dryer, production to Taiwan increased by more than 10-15%, has been in the cement and mineral processing enterprises have been widely used.


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