Manure dryer, animal dung dryer

First, manure dryer, poultry manure drying equipment, animal manure dryer for large, medium and small farms and aquaculture industry, such as the more developed regions, according to the requirements of drying the product, can be a different heat. Such as: gas furnace, direct thermal stove, indirect stove, oil, electric heating, steam and so on. It applies to less than 65% moisture content of chicken, duck manure, poultry manure, slaughterhouse waste, etc., to open up the feed resources, reduce feed costs, reduce environmental pollution have good results. 
Second, the structure and working principle dryer 
Manure dryer mainly by the heating source, feeding machine, feeding machine, rotary drum, material crushing device, discharging machine, Fan, unloading and distribution cabinet constituted; dehydrated wet material added dryer later, in the drum filter cloth copy board flip, the material uniformly dispersed in the dryer full contact with the hot air to speed up the drying heat and mass transfer ﹑. During the drying process, the material under the action of the copy board and hot temperament with the inclination, to another section of the star dryer exhaust discharge valve products. 
Third, the main features of poultry dryer 
1, the production process: It will be 65% of the fresh water containing manure through high-temperature drying, sterilization, drying and other processes from the decomposition of water containing less than 13% pure chicken manure organic fertilizer. 
2, drying product: This organic fertilizer has a variety of nutrients necessary for crops. Identified by the research department detected: the fertilizer nitrogen content of 2.6%, 3.5% phosphorus, potassium content of 2.5%, 16-25% crude protein, organic matter was 45%. Is the best choice of pollution-free green food planted fertilizer can also be used to feed the fish, cattle, pigs and so on. 
3, drum drying high degree of mechanization, large production capacity, continuous operation. 
4, the structure is simple, stores ﹑ excellent resistance to run easily through the barrel, operating smoothly. 
5, less failure ﹑ ﹑ low power consumption and low maintenance costs. 
6, ﹑ products for a wide range of dry good uniformity. 
7, but can also achieve sterilization drying and deodorizing purposes.


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