Sand dryer features?

Dai Wo Machinery Technology drying plant specializing in the production of various dryer equipment and ancillary equipment, our factory main products are slime dryer, sand dryer, lignite dryer, three drum dryer drying equipment, etc. 30 years of production experience, so I plant sales dryer has been well received at home and abroad, purchase a storm in November 2011 triggered a boom, especially slime dryer, three-cylinder dryer sales greatly increased .
         Many users will be friends in the online search before purchase or to determine a good sand dryer manufacturers, directly to the factory inspection, but the sand dryer knowledge actually know much, very few, today the focus of this article is to sand drying machine features? Let you a better understanding of sand dryer, sand dryer in addition to the structure and principles should be understood in depth.
         First, sand dryer is a combustion equipment. Pulverized coal dust from sand drying blower head into the sand sprayed into the dryer, the heat generated by the combustion of radiation, convection and conduction heat transfer in three basic ways to heat to the material. As fuel burning equipment, sand dryer has a wide space and thermal field, can provide enough air, excellent combustion device installed to ensure complete combustion of fuel to provide the necessary heat for the clinker.
         Second, the sand dryer has a heat exchange function. In the sand dryer has a relatively uniform temperature Session, various stages of the formation of the cement clinker to meet the heat requirements of the process, in particular alite mineral requirements generation.
         Third, sand dryer is an inclined rotary cylinder, raw material joined by a cylindrical high-end, continuous rotary motion of sand in the dryer, the material gradual movement from high to low, so the sand dryer is a delivery device.
         Fourth, the sand dryer chemically reactive functionality. The clinker formation process, a series of physical preferably a chemical reaction, chemical reaction, sand dryer stages of different minerals can satisfy the heat of formation, temperature requirements, but also to meet the requirements of their time is device.
         Fifth, the use of waste degradation function. Because sand dryer has a high temperature and airflow stagnation special long time thermal field, biodegradable chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries discharging toxic and hazardous waste. Meanwhile, the majority of which can be cured in a clinker heavy metal elements, to form a stable salt, avoiding secondary pollution "incinerator" prone.


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