Energy efficient dryer sand structures and rust method

Sand dryer works:
Wet sand is mentioned by hoist bucket filter, flow into the disc feeder aim to reach a uniform, and transported to the heating stove in, and then flow into the host pipe quicksand within host has lifting plate and into the feeding device,
Fully achieve the purpose of the heat exchanger, after the return of three fully dry, and finally after drying and hot sand separated by receiving hopper, conveyor moving sieve sand after the formation of the finished product.
Energy efficient sand dryer is developed on the basis of the development of drum dryer and molding, drying equipment of different materials due to the proportion of different capacity and different mechanisms for different jobs, so manufacturers in process design
And need to develop programs based on the actual load on the selection, as a professional and reliable drying manufacturers have accumulated a wealth of experience in the industry for many years can be grown Owners optimum selection to design and manufacture.
The dryer is made generally flat, cylinder and weldments composed of different parts, different uses of the dryer its antiseptic method is also different. Preservative commonly used method consists of the following three:
① electrostatic powder coating method.
② welding austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel welding.
③ passivation, phosphate method.
Sand dryer advantage is high productivity, easy operation. With a reasonable structure, well-made, high-yield, low energy consumption, easy operation and other energy-saving advantages of real dry, the real energy saving. As reliable operation
, Operating flexibility, adaptability, processing capacity, the use of more extensive. Is currently on the domestic market, most users welcomed the special drying equipment.


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