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1. Activated carbon is a kind of carbon processed to have pores, in the form of black powder or granule, particle or honeycomb structure abnormally, also can be in ordered structure. It has highly developed pore structure, which makes it a super fine adsorption agent, due to its high degree of microporosity, just one gram of activated carbon has a surface area in equal size of eight tennis courts. And its adsorption power is effected both by physical and chemical characteristics, it is composed of not only carbon element, but also lesser content of Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen and ash content as well, which as a result makes the formation of hexacyclic structure on carbon basis. Due to the hexacyclic structure, the formation of microporosity and large surface area are caused.
Activated carbon can be made from different carbon-contained materials, like wood, sawdust, coal, charcoal, peat, lignin, kernel, sugar cane pulp, bone, lignite, oil dreg, etc. Based on different materials, techniques and using areas, different activated carbons can be produced, in which activated carbon made from coconut shell is of best quality and been seen most frequently.

Activated carbon is widely used in industry, farming, family and environmental protection, including electricity, petrochemical, gold production, food, medicine, air filter and many other application, and there is going to be great prospect and large market.

The great events of using charcoal
⑴First being documented in Egypt for medical use in the year of B.C.1550
⑵Used by Greek physician Hippocrate in the year of B.C.460-359 for treating seizure
⑶ Documented and used by Chinese physician for medical use in 1518-1593
⑷ In 1793 being used for treating ulcer
⑸ In 1794 first being used by an England sugar factory for bleaching The great events of using activated carbon
6.Invented in 1900 and first used in industry
7.Gas purification(gas mask)---used in 1915 world war one
8、Water purification(deodorant)---in 1927 used for water deodorant, and widely used    later in 1940s
9、Gold production(gold-loaded carbon)---firstly being used in 1940s for gold cyanidation in China
10、Later stage---from 1950s to now, widely being used in environmental protection, medical care, food, filtering, car industry and family use

Basically there are two processes for making activated carbon, first process includes dewatering and carbonation, which means the raw material will be dried and dewatered at the temperature of 170-600 degrees Celsius and then the organic materials contained will be carbonated to 80% extent. The second process includes activation of charcoal, which is concluded by activation agent and steam with the reaction between charcoal, during the endothermic reaction combined gas of CO and H2 will be burned to heat the charcoal to 800-1000 degrees Celsius to burn out all the decomposables, so microporosity structure and large surface area are effected, hence with strong adsorption power.(The exact technique will be designed based on raw materials and different applications with different carbonation, activation, acid wash, crushing or grinding process.)

Physical and chemical performance index of coconut shell and other  shells 
Item Testing parameters Item Testing parameters
Granular size Combined Real specific gravity 2-2.2g/cm3
Benzene powder adsorption rate ≥450mg/g Bulk specific weight 0.5-0.65g/cm3
Hardness ≥85-90% Total pore volume 0.7-1cm3/g
Iodine number 700-1400mg/g Specific area 590-1500m2/g
Methylene blue value 100-150mg/g Ph value Neutral
Half de-chlorine value ≤5cm Ash content ≤8-12%
Moisture content ≤8% Specific heat -1.00J/g.℃

physical&chemical performance index of coal based activated carbon

Granular size(mesh) Hardness(%) Moisture content(%) Ash content(%) Methylene blue value (mg/g) Iodine number (mg/g) Bulk density weight (g/L) Carbon tetrachloride adsorption value (%) Application
4-10 90 5 8-15 200 1050 350-480 70 Air purification
Water purification
8-16 93 5 8-15 190 1050 380-480 65
8-30 93 5 8-15 190 1050 380-480 65
4-6 90 5 6-15 180 1000 400-500 60 Catalyst carrier
Water purification
Aqueous phase adsorption value
4-8 90 5 8-15 190 1050 380-480 65
8-16 95 5 8-13 180 1000 400-500 60
8-30 95 5 8-12 170 950 400-520 55
12-30 93 5 6-13 180 1000 400-520 60
12-40 93 5 6-12 170 950 400-520 55
4-6 90 5 6-12 170 950 400-520 55 Air purification
Water treatment
Sewage treatment
4-8 93 5 6-13 180 1000 380-500 60
4-10 93 5 6-13 180 1000 380-500 60
8-30 95 5 6-12< 160 950 400-520 55
12-30 95 5 6-12 160 950 400-520 55
12-40 95 5 6-12 150 900 400-520 55

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