Screw ConveyorScrew Conveyor

Screw conveyor is a simple structure, small cross section size, good sealing and so on the characteristic of using the axis of spiral vane, along the trough the continuous conveying machinery of conveying powdery and granular materials.

Technical characteristics:
Consists of driving gear closed slot box and spiral borrow screw rotation will slot in the course of coal output.
Screw conveyor of the features are: simple structure, small cross section size, good seal, reliable operation, low manufacturing cost, convenience of intermediate loading and unloading, transportation direction can reverse, can also be transmitted at the same time two opposite direction. But also for material in the process of conveying stirring, mixing, heating and cooling operations. Through the loading and unloading valve material flow can be adjusted. But unfavorable transportation of perishable, big viscosity, easy to agglomerate and chunks of material. Material is easy broken, in the process of conveying screw and chute is easy to wear. Unit power is larger. Used to keep the material in the tank sealing and have adequate clearance between screw and feeding trough.
Vertical screw conveyor is suitable for short distance transport. Flexible screw conveyor of the screw is composed of flexible shaft and synthetic rubber blade, flexible, according to the technological requirements of the scene or any arrangement, space transportation. Blades of screw conveyor has now pull and the loss, now pull can make arbitrary thickness and size, the pull is unfavorable make non-standard spiral.
Division, from the perspective of conveying material displacement direction HongTai screw conveyor is divided into horizontal screw conveyor and two types of vertical screw conveyor, mainly used for the various powder, granulated and small lump of loose materials such as horizontal and vertical ascend, the screw conveyor is not suitable for transporting perishable, big viscosity, easy to agglomerate or high temperature, be afraid of pressure, special material is corrosive.
Screw conveyor by conveyor commonly ontology, in and out of the mouth and drive of three most; Screw conveyor of the screw blade entity helicoid, belt type spiral blades of screw surface and surface three forms, among them, the spiral vane surface application is relatively small, it is mainly used for transporting materials in large viscosity and compressibility of the screw surface type, in complete conveying operation process, at the same time with and complete mixing, mixing of materials, and other functions.
Compared with other transportation equipment, screw conveyor with small cross section size, good sealing performance, stable operation and reliable, can the middle multipoint charging and discharging and safety operation and easy maintenance, etc.

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