Bucket ElevatorBucket Elevator

Bucket elevator is a fixture of mechanical transmission equipment, mainly suitable for powder, granular and small pieces of material vertical rising continuously, can be widely used in all kinds of the size of the feed mills, flour mills, rice, oil, starch factory and grain depot, port terminals and other bulk materials.

Main features:
1. Driving power is small, use of feeding, induction of inflow discharge, large capacity of hopper intensive layout. In material ascends almost no back and dig material phenomenon, therefore less reactive power;
2. Ascension is wide, this kind of elevator less kinds, characteristics of the material requirements, not only can improve the general powder, small granular materials, and can improve grinding cut larger material. Good sealing, less environmental pollution;
3. Good reliability, advanced design principle and processing method, ensure the reliability of the machine running, trouble-free time more than 20000 hours. High hoisting height. Hoist running smoothly, thus can achieve high hoisting height;
4. Long service life and hoist feed take into the type, without using bucket digging of material, the material between the extrusion and collision occur rarely. The machine when the design to ensure material few scattered when feeding, discharging, reduce the mechanical wear and tear.

Technical Parameter:
Specifications Maximum height (m) Conveying capacity (m/h) Bucket distance (mm) Motor power(kw)
160 type 28 3-8 500 3-7.5
200 type 31.5 6-15 500 3-7.5
250 type 30.16 10-25 500 4-11
300 type 30.16 25-35 500 5.5-15
350 type 31 19-40 600 7.5-18.5
400 type 32 35-50 600 7.5-22
450 type 32.7 42-60 600 7.5-22

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