Electric Dust CollectorElectric Dust Collector

Because of its high efficiency, high temperature resistance, low resistance, low energy consumption and other advantages, is widely used in the production of building materials industry, in the cement plant, it is one of the main kiln dust equipment, grinding machine, drying machine.
The electric dust collector is a device for catching the flue dust of the electrostatic purification method. It is the ideal equipment of purifying industrial waste gas. Purification work it mainly depends on the discharge electrode and the precipitation is the two system. When the polarization between the input high voltage DC electrodes in space, produce anion and cation, and act on the particle surface through the exhaust gas electrostatic field, under the action of electric field force to the electrodes move oppositely, and deposited on the electrodes, to collecting objective. The system has the vibration beating device, when the hammer bipolar device vibrating hammer periodic time, the dust adhered thereto be shaking, falling into the lower part of the ash is discharged out of the ash discharging device. The exhaust gas is purified by exports being emitted into the atmosphere, the completion of the flue gas purification process.
1. High dust removal efficiency of electrostatic precipitator can be used: extended field length ways to improve collection efficiency through. The flue dust in the general condition, the trapping efficiency can reach more than 99%; such as the use of 4, 5 electric precipitator efficiency but also improve. When the operation of the electric dust remover after a number of years, due to the reasons of electrode corrosion, dust removal efficiency will decrease;
2. Small resistance, low energy consumption: energy consumption of electric dust collector includes resistance loss, equipment power supply device, heat insulation and vibration motor etc.. Electric dust collector resistance is generally in the 200 ~ 300Pa, about 1 / 5 of bag type dust collector. Because of less energy consumption, less the replacement of wearing parts, so the operating costs lower than the bag type dust remover to;
3. Volume: because the structure is easy to modularize, can realize large-scale device. At present, the single Teclast dust flue gas handling capacity has reached 200X104m3 / h. Such a large volume of smoke bag type dust remover or cyclone to deal is not easy, not economic;
4. Applicable to a wide range: high temperature flue gas electric precipitator can capture particles of diameter less than 0.1um, 300 ~ 400~C. When the parameters of gas to fluctuate within a certain range, esp can still maintain good trapping properties. Flue gas dust resistance has important influence on the operation of the electric dust remover, when more than the resistance of less than 104n · cm or more than 1011n · cm, the normal process of electrostatic precipitator interference.

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