PPCS Series Pulse Bag Type Dust CollectorPPCS Series Pulse Bag Type Dust Collector

PPCS series air box pulse dust collector is a kind of filling efficient bag type dust collector. It combines chamber blow and pulse blowing ash advantages of all kinds of filter, overcome the chamber blow soot cleaning strength is insufficient, pulse blowing soot cleaning and filtering simultaneously, thus expanding the application range of bag dust collector. Due to this type of structure has its characteristics of the dust collector, so improving the dust collecting efficiency, prolong the service life of filter bag, can fully satisfy the our country building materials, electric power, metallurgy, chemical and other industries need industrial dust of smelting.
Structure and working principle:
PPCS air box pulse bag dust collector, ash hopper, ash discharge device by shell part, stents and pulse ash removal system. When the dust from the air inlet gas into the dust collector, after the first encounter in the inclined diaphragm between outlet, air turned into ash hopper, airflow speed slower at the same time. Due to inertia effect of coarse soil particle in the gas dust fall into ash hopper directly, have the effect of dust in advance. The airflow into the ash hopper then fold and upward through internal equipped with metal frame filter bag, dust was set on the outer surface of the filter bag, after purification, the upper part of the gas into the filter bag chamber clean room, packed into the duct. Shell with baffle plate is divided into several independent dust collecting room, according to a given time interval of each dust collecting chamber filter dust collecting chamber in turn grey. Each dust collecting chamber is equipped with a lift valve, lift valve closed when ash removal, cut through the dust collecting chamber of filtering flow, and pulse valve open, the air injection pressure inside the filter pocket, to remove dust on the surface of the filter bag appearance, the dust collecting chamber of pulse width and soot blowing cycle, by special ash removal program controller to automatically and continuously.


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