Stainless Steel DryerStainless Steel Dryer

Stainless steel dryers is mainly composed of solid of revolution, feed board, transmission device, supporting device and sealing ring and other components. Drying machine is a horizontal tilt slightly into the cylinder, materials from high end to join, and the high temperature hot flue gas and material flow into the cylinder, with the rotation of the cylinder, the material due to the low gravity to run to the end. On the inner wall of the cylinder is equipped with copy board, and sprinkle with copy material, the contact surface is increased and the air flow of material, in order to improve the dry drying rate and promote the material. After drying the product from the bottom of the lower part.

Main features:
Stainless steel dryers processing capacity is big, less fuel consumption, dry low cost. Drying machine has the characteristics of high temperature resistant, can use of materials at high speed, high temperature hot air drying. Extensible ability, design considering the production surplus, even a modest yield increase, also need not replace the equipment. Equipment structure of self-aligning type tug, tug with roller ring fit well, greatly reduces the wear and power consumption. Specially designed gear wheel structure, greatly reduce the thrust due to the tilt work level. Resistance to overload ability, cylinder smooth operation, high reliability.

Applicable range:
Agriculture, feed, fertilizer industry, such as straw, grass, sawdust, leaves, fish meal, corn, rice, wheat, corn, soy sauce, starch residue, lees, medical, pomace, soy sauce residue, bagasse, peat, organic compound fertilizer, sludge, waste of aquatic products, food waste, the abattoir waste, organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer ammonium sulphate.

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