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Chain conveyor 
Chain conveyor is traction, bearing the chain, or by the chain to install lath, metal mesh belt conveyor, roller bearing materials.
According to the chain is installed on the bearing surface is different, can be divided into: chain / chain plate / net chain / slab / chain bucket / tray / trolley type, in addition, often with other conveyor, lifting device composed of various functions of the production line.
Application: widely used in food, medicines, beverages, canned food, cosmetics and cleaning products, paper products, seasoning, dairy and tobacco automatic transmission, distribution, and after the packaging line conveyor.
Main features:
1. large conveying capacity, high performance conveyor allows transport a large number of materials in the smaller space, conveying capacity of 6m³ /h~600m³ /h.
2. delivery of low energy consumption, with the help of internal friction of the material, promote the change of materials for the pull, the energy saving of 50% compared with the screw conveyor.
3. sealing and safety, casing sealed the dust seamless drill, safe operation, reliable operation.
4. long service life, conveying chain for alloy steel by advanced means of heat treatment processing, the normal service life of >5 years, the life of roller chain (according to different material) ≥ 2~3.
5. flexible process layout, can be elevated, ground or pit arrangement, horizontal or climbing (≤ 15 °) installation, can also be the same level with climbing installation, multipoint feeding.
6. the use of low cost, energy saving and durable, less repair, low cost (about spiral machine 1/10), can ensure the normal operation of the host, to increase output, reduce consumption, improve the efficiency of.
7.the complete series, FU series of FU150.FU200.FU270.FU50.FU410.FU500.FU600 and FU700 and various models, and can provide two types of bidirectional transport.
Differential chain line features:
1. the chain line is to chain as traction and bearing body for conveying materials, the chain can be a bush roller ordinary conveyor chain, also can use other kinds of special chain;
2 . the conveying capacity, can bear large load;
3. conveyor speed is accurate and stable, can guarantee the precise synchronous transmission;
4. it is easy to realize product on the conveyor, used for assembly line or as a material storage and transportation;
5. is available in a variety of harsh environment (high temperature, dust) work, reliable performance;
A. using specially designed aluminum production, easy to install;
B. the structure of beautiful, practical and low noise;
C. multiple functions, high degree of automation.
Technical parameter:
Model Groove width
Grain size
10% Maximum
 particle size
 Most suitable conveying capacity(m3/h) Material
          Speed of chain line(m/min)
          10 12 13.5 15 16 20 25
FU150 150 <4 <8 ≤15° 6-9  
12-18 15-23 ≤5%
FU200 200 <5 <10   11-14  
22-29 27-36
FU270 270 <7 <15   19-27 23-32 25-36 28-41 31-43 38-54 47-68
FU350 350 <9 <18    
65-90 63-113
FU410 410 <11 <21    
86-117 95-135
FU500 500 <13 <25    
136-180 144-203
FU600 600 <15 <30    
180-260 207-270


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