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We are the leading manufacturer specialized in designing and manufacturing different kinds of dust collectors in China with the experience of more than 10 years, manufacturing according to the ISO9001:2008 quality control system guidelines. We help our customers develop special dust collectors for their application.

Advantageous characteristics:
1. It has modern design, it uses lower gas inlet structure, the rough high temperature granules directly drop to the dust hopper and effectively protects the filter bag.
2. It uses long filter bags and it has smaller floor area in case of equal processing capacity, therefore it is more convenient for reconstruction of old factories.
3. It uses separate chamber offfline dust clearing with high efficiency and few secondary flour dust attachment, in the meantime, it can effectively reduce the equipment energy consumption, the fatigue level of filter bag and pulse valve is correspondingly reduced and the service life of filter bag and vane is prolonged by several times and equipement operation cost is remarkably reduced.
4. The overhaul and bag replacement can be carried out for separate chambers under the condition that system blower and system run normally.
5. The filter bag inlet used spring tension structure, it is convenient to disassemble & assemble and it has good tightness.
6. The case uses airtightness design and it carries out leak detecting with oil and reduces air leak to the maximum extent.
7. The whole set of equipment is controlled by PLC to realize automatic dust cleaning, dust removal, automatic temperature control and over temperature alarm.


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