Monocular Cooling MachineMonocular Cooling Machine

This monocular cooling machine is used for compound fertilizer. It can cool fixed temperature and granularity fertilizer. Working with the dryer, it can improve the cooling speed fastly, relieve the working intensity and improve the quality, then it can wipe off some moisture and reduce the temperature of every granularity. Meanwhile, the machine can also used for cooling other powdery and grainy materials.

1. Monocular cooling machine  can be heated direct or indirect; the heating efficiency can be up to 95%
2. Monocular cooling machine operating under high temperature and low oxygen to avoid materials being self burning or exploding when drying. Big drying capacity, highly industrialization and low  cost
3. Low amount of air required to save tail gas handling cost

Working process:
Monocular cooling machine is one of the main equipments in rotary kiln production system. Its role is to cool the 1000~1300clinker from rotary kiln to 200and below by heating exchange of moving materials and airflow inside the rotating barrel. The quality and grind ability after cooling down is improved. The air from cooling clinker is injected into kiln, as secondary circulating air, raising the thermal efficiency of kiln. 

Technical Parameter:

Specification (m) Capacity(t/h) Installation slope(%) Main reducer Main motor(kw) Total weight (t)
φ1.5×15 2-3 3-5 ZQ500 15 28
φ1.5×20 3-4 3-5 ZQ500 15 35
φ1.8×18 4-6 3-5 ZQ500 18.5 47
φ2.0×22 7-8.5 3-5 ZQ500 22 61
φ2.2×18 7-8.5 3-5 ZQ500 22 64
φ2.2×22 8-10 3-5 ZQ650 30 73
φ2.4×24 12-15 3-5 ZS125 45 98
φ2.5×25 15-20 3-5 ZS125 55 110
φ2.8×28 16-22 3-5 ZL100 55 130
φ3.0×30 20-25 3-5 ZL115 75 169
φ3.2×36 28-32 3-5 ZL115 90 200
φ3.3×40 32-36 3-5 ZI130 132 237


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