Lime KilnLimestone Rotary Kiln

Lime kiln is a kind of can be continuous feeding, used for calcining limestone, the limestone into lime under the condition of high temperature decomposition of CaO and carbon dioxide kiln.
Lime kiln classification:
Lime kiln, according to the structure, such as shaft kiln, rotary kiln, suspended kiln type; By using fuel type shunt body fuel, solid fuel, there are mainly there are coal, coke, crude oil, gas and other forms. Use different environmental protection type lime kiln, the number of pollutants are also different.
1. The shaft kiln with 50-120 - mm commonly small limestone as raw materials, mainly coal, coke and heavy oil fuel, charging, roasting, discharge, intermittent operation, in turn furnace condition and its exhaust parameters is not stable. Shaft kiln is also called the vertical kiln and vertical kiln and kiln points vase, double beam kiln, sleeve kiln, flow and heat storage of kiln, etc. New double chamber shaft kiln and the sleeve shaft kiln to defuse the production process of discontinuity and instability of flue gas parameters, and implements the waste heat recovery.
2. Rotary kiln, general with 3-50 mm small limestone as raw material, give priority to with gas fuel. Rotary preheater flue gas of high temperature, high humidity, high dust concentration.
3. Suspension kiln is composed of multi-stage cyclone. General with 0 to 3 mm powdered limestone as raw material, give priority to with gas fuel. Material of preheating, roasting and cooling in the reverse flow in cyclone cylinder suspended state quickly. High flue gas temperature, dust concentration.
Lime kiln working process:
Limestone and fuel into the lime kiln (if fuel gas pipelines, and the burner into) began to decompose after preheating to 850 degrees, 1200 degrees to complete calcination, after cooling discharged out of the kiln. Quick lime production is completed. Different kiln form have different preheating, calcination, cooling and discharging mode. But there are several process principle is the same: high quality raw material, lime quality is good; Fuel high calorific value, less number of consumption; Particle size of limestone and the calcination time is proportional to the; Quick lime activity degree and calcination time, calcination temperature is inversely proportional to.
Lime kiln structure:
Lime kiln consists of kiln body, feeding device, cloth device, burning device, discharge device, electrical equipment, instrument control equipment, dust removal device, etc. Different forms of lime kiln, its structure and calcination, process basic same, but the value of equipment has the very big difference. Of course use effect is distinct.

Technical parameter:
Design capacity(t/d) Product Lime rotary kiln
Specifications (m) Effective volume (m3) Combustion temperature
150 Active lime light burned dolomite Φ2.5×40 142 1350/1250
200 Active lime light burned dolomite Φ2.8×42 190 1350/1250
250 Active lime light burned dolomite Φ3×46 235 1350/1250
300 Active lime light burned dolomite Φ3.2×50 292 1350/1250
350 Active lime Φ3.5×54 390 1350
400 Active lime Φ3.6×5 430 1350
500 Active lime Φ3.8×58 505 1350
600 Active lime Φ4×60/Φ4.2×50 575/548 1350
750 Active lime Φ4.3×58 670 1350
800 Active lime Φ4.3×64 738 1350
1000 Active lime Φ4.8×68 1005 1350

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