Lime CoolerLime Cooler

Lime coolers are widely used in building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and other departments, matching with the rotary kiln. The equipment under the state of nature, the inclination to 3.5% of the cylinder, in low-speed rotation, material since the cylinder high-end feeding, feed plate will scatter material circle to continuously lift and move down, cooling material discharge from the low end.
1. Kiln hood: kiln hood at the upper part of the body, cooler and cooler to form a whole. In the kiln head cover high into the rotary kiln with shook his head at the end of the sealing device, equipped with scales, and kiln shell devices for the ring sleeve of shook his head sealing device. By the powder of the kiln head occasionally leaks out from kiln head seal shell bottom two discharge tube directly discharged into the cooler body.
2. The main gas cooler wait and aniseed clear out device: the cooler body cross section is square, composed of steel plate welding, steel plate covered with a layer of refractory, cooler has center cooling cap and chamber cooling hood. Article has tilted in the cooler body upper gas wait and aniseed, clear out connection to prevent wait in the rotary kiln aniseed or foreign bodies fall into the cooler, wait and aniseed and foreign body keep clear of in time. Clear out controlled by electrohydraulic push rod, convenient and flexible and open.
3. The lower cooling air chamber and vibration discharging device: the lower cooling air chamber in the bottom of the cooler body, with conical, external to wind around the room, the wind chamber through a pipe connected to the fan. The lower part of the cooling air chamber equipped with vibration discharging machine, connected to the discharge tapered bucket. Unloading machine vibration control cone hopper discharge capacity, to control the material of the cooler body internal layer thickness.
4. Support device, supporting device for a frame structure, supporting the entire vertical cooler, connected to the bottom of the supporting device through the anchor bolts and foundation.

Technical parameter:
Specifications Capacity (t/h) Speed (r/min) Motor model Power (kw) Reducer Total weight(t)
φ1.2×12 1.9-2.5 4.5 Y160L-6 11 ZQ50 22
φ1.5×15 4-6 4.5 Y200L1-6 18.5 ZQ65 33
φ2×20 7-8 3 Y225M-6 30 ZL75 74
φ2.2×22 10-11.5 3 Y225M-6 30 ZL75 82
φ2.5×25 11-15 3.5 Y280S-6 45 ZL100 108
φ2.8×28 14-17 3.5 Y280M1-6 55 ZL100 142
φ3×30 16-20 3.5 YS2-355M1-6 112 ZL115 156


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