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Cement preheater is one of the important equipment in cement production line, is used for preheater cement raw material, also called cement preheating, belonging to the field of cement machinery. The final stage cyclone is communicated with the kiln tail smoke chamber, is characterized by decomposing furnace is arranged between the rotary kiln tail smoke chamber and the final cyclone, calciner is communicated with the three air duct and pulverized coal injection pipe, the upper decomposition furnace for necking hollow cylinder with gooseneck pipe structure, the middle by unequal diameter upper and lower connection of a hollow cone are arranged at the lower part, and a hollow cone. Because the utility model will transform the rising flue kiln tail smoke chamber between the existing and the final stage of the cyclone for decomposing furnace special structural form, and set the three wind pipe and tube communicated with the injection of pulverized coal in calciner, the decomposition of pulverized coal boiler combustion produces tremendous heat, raw powder after heat absorption temperature up to 850 ℃ above, more than 85% of calcium carbonate in raw meal decomposition, so that the output of the kiln can greatly improve the design, production can be increased about 30-50%, than the actual yield increased about 55%.
Precalcining system:
1. Preheater, precalciner is an important part of the cement rotary kiln calcination system, is to improve the quality of cement products, reduce the heat consumption of the main equipment, our company decomposition furnace types are DD, N-KSV, RSP, N-MFC furnace four.
2. Preheater has more than ten kinds of specifications, suitable for supporting the use of various type of kiln (see the list), in the main equipment foundation transformation, digestion of the imported Kawasaki Nissan 800 tons, Nissan 1000 tons of cement clinker, developed a Nissan 500 tons, 2000 tons with decomposing furnace five suspension preheater. The heater can be widely used in the construction and renovation of medium and small cement plant.
3. Five stage cyclone preheater is arranged from top to bottom.


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