Cement Raw MillCement Raw Mill

Cement raw mill(vertical mill) is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving, wide range of new grinding equipment can be used in cement, electric power, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral, etc, it is with high efficiency, low power consumption, large drying capacity, product fineness is easy to adjust, grain size, chemical composition is easy to control, low noise, small metal abrasion, less dust, system technological process is simple, cover an area of an area small, investment etc to the cement industry are widely used in foreign countries.
Working principle:
Motor through rotational speed reducer drive a millstone, as well as hot air from the air inlet into the vertical mill, material from the feed opening in the middle of the mill, due to the centrifugal force, the material move from the central to the mill to the mill table edge, after the ring groove on the mill, roller rolling and crushing, it continues to move edge mill for grinding materials, until was taken away by the wind ring of airflow, and the big particles continue to crush materials and fell to the mill. Flow of material into the lead department separator, in under the action of guide vane, the plastic from the cone bucket fell on the mill wheel, fine powder together with airflow grinding, the system collected dust collector, is collected on the powder that can slow out of the goods. Material in the process of contact with the shell of the gas is dry, reached the dry humidity of products required. Through adjusting the Angle of the separator guide blades (small vertical mill not tuning) and separator of rotor speed, and achieve the required thickness of products.
Performance characteristics:
1. High grinding efficiency. USES the advanced principle of grinding material layer, make the system power consumption than ball mill energy saving 20 ~ 30%, with the increase of raw material moisture, energy-saving effect is more significant;
2. Drying ability. Can use hot air exhaust gas drying kiln materials, for up to 15% moisture content of raw materials can be dry grinding at the same time;
3. Equipment cover an area of an area small, simple technological process. LM vertical grinding finely, drying, grinding, choose powder, transmission, do not need another drying, choose powder, improve equipment, workshop area accounts for only 70% of the ball mill system, space only accounts for 50 ~ 60%;
4. Low noise, less dust, clean operating environment. Runtime does not directly contact roller and a millstone, free of metal, the noise is lower than ball mill 20 ~ 25 decibels. System USES the seal negative pressure operation, no dust, clean production environment;
5. Low abrasion, low pollution products. Metal abrasion are generally only for 5 ~ 10 g/t products, metal contamination of the product is small;
6. Roller roller sleeve can flip over to use, to prolong service life, reduce the production cost. Convenient operation and maintenance;
7. Grinding stable chemical composition, grain size distribution are neat, is advantageous to the calcination.

Technical parameter:
Model LM1400 LM1700 LM2200 LM2500 LM2700 LM2800 LM3200 LM3400 LM3600 LM3800 LM5300
Grinding disc diameter (mm) 1400 1700 2200 2500 2700 2800 3200 3400 3600 3800 5300
Roller number 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 4
Installed power (kw) 132-155 200-250 400-500 710-900 800-1000 800-1250 1400-1600 1600-1800 1800-2240 2000-2500 3600-4000
Classifier power (kw) 11 15 30 45 55 75 90 90 110 132 200
maximum grain size of grinding (mm) ≤40 ≤40 ≤50 ≤70 ≤70 ≤70 ≤70 ≤70 ≤80 ≤85 ≤100
The ground water (%) 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6
The grinding fineness 80μm(%) 12-14 12-14 12-14 12-14 12-14 12-14 12-14 12-14 12-14 12-14 12-14
The finished product moisture (%) 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Raw material grinding index (wi) 7.5-13 7.5-13 7.5-13 7.5-13 7.5-13 7.5-13 7.5-13 7.5-13 7.5-13 7.5-13 7.5-13
Capacity(t/h) 13-20 22-33 40-65 60-90 78-120 85-130 125-190 140-210 170-260 185-280 330-510

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