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BZJ series rotary cement packing machine is a rotary in domestic automation cement packing machine control mechanism of my company, do dozens of development, advanced generation of automated packaging equipment R & the main control technology has reached the leading domestic level, the packaging machine increases the online automatic weight correction and remote control function, fill a gap in the domestic automatic rotary packing machine control, innovation is the revolutionary history of domestic rotary cement packing machine. BZJ series digital rotary cement packer is large and medium-sized cement enterprises automatic packaging of choice.
Working principle:
Rotary packing machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation of main drive system, rotary eccentric structure into the material, configuration of a contactless proximity switch, upper and lower material level measurement and automatic control and automatic metering device. In the process of operation, in addition to artificial pocket, other cement bag, filling, pressure measurement, gate opening and closing, pointing out the bag can be done automatically. And has a heavy bag does not reach the set value off the bag, the bag is accidentally detached immediately close the gate stop filling and other unique features. Compared to the product with similar products, has the advantages of reasonable structure, accurate measurement, low energy consumption, packaging capacity, convenient repair, the most prominent feature is not pneumatic components, can realize automatic bag clamping and loosening, gate open, close and out bags and other functions, reduce many caused by pneumatic component damaged packaging machine fault.
The packaging machine adopts microcomputer scale measurement, micro scale is composed of our technical staff for rotary packing machine structure and cement filling material characteristics, microcomputer control system design and development, high accuracy, good stability, strong ability to adapt in the cement factory. The implementation of the microcomputer control of the whole working cycle can.
Packaging machine is designed with six, eight, ten mouth mouth mouth mouth, twelve other models, according to the needs of the user can also undertake the design of packaging machine transformation of special type.
1. Weighing system calibration free, simple operation, the use of process without nominal tedious operation;
2. In the process of packaging bag weight automatic correction, effectively guarantee the heavy bags passing rate;
3. Remote setting synchronous modification parameters, improving the operation of effective work time workers;
4. Do not pocket is not an ash, accidental bag removing, broken filling bag automatic stop. Improve the operating field working environment;
Weight change 5, remote real-time view single mouth filling process, monitoring of unloading heavy bag;
6. The ash impeller abrasion resistant materials for casting and become, long service life;
7. The key control device adopts contactless electronic device, able to adapt to harsh environment;
8. No mechanical shutter actuating mechanism, completely solve the hidden card gate;
9. The use of advanced electromagnetic bag drop device, can guarantee that within one year of trouble free operation;
10. Bag drop action part adopts ball structure, service life is twenty times higher than conventional products;
11. The rotary main drive system with imported "ABB" inverter control, to ensure the system operation reliability;
12. Remote control instrument with liquid crystal display, display more intuitive, more convenient operation.

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