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Pulse bag filter is designed for cement plant library top, bottom, belt conveyor, and designed the local dust source. Local dust dust source can also be used in other industries. Dust by gas flow lower into the filter, the filter bag filter, clean air discharge induced draft fan, removed from the filter down to the dust can be directly in the warehousing, may also directly on the belt. Precipitator work after a period of time, the filter bag dust on increasing resistance to rise, the filter bag to clear ash, ash removal to end, dust collector and normal work. Pulse bag filter with small size, large treatment volume, compact structure, easy to use and reliable.
Pulse bag filter is widely used in cement industry, but also can be used in the foundry industry, ceramic industry, glass industry, grinding wheel manufacturing, chemical products, machinery processing industry such as dust. For larger proportion of metal cutting, foundry sand and the proportion of medium such as dust, dust such as cement, ceramic raw materials, pigment, bakelite powder, plastic powder, etc., and the proportion of the lighter wood processing are good dust removal effect, such as dust discharge concentration ensure that meet the national requirements.
Pulse bag filter since the 50 s, the widely used at home and abroad, continue to improve, the purification dust gas has achieved great development, because of ash removal technology is advanced, the gas cloth ratio increased significantly, it has to deal with large air volume, cover an area of an area small, high purification efficiency, reliable operation, simple structure, small amount of maintenance, etc. Dust removal efficiency can reach above 99%, it is a kind of mature more perfect and efficient dust removal equipment. Widely used in food, medicine, feed, metallurgical, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical industry, power, light industry of dust purification of gas and dust material recycling.
Technical features:
1. This filter USES the chamber stop blowing wind pulse ash removal technology, overcome the conventional pulse dust catcher and chamber the disadvantage of counter blowing dust, soot cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, air leakage rate is small, less energy consumption, less steel consumption, covers an area of less, stable and reliable operation, good economic benefit. Apply to metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical industry, power, light industry of the dust gas purification and material recycling;
2. Because use chamber stop pulse wind blowing dust, blowing a can achieve the purpose of soot cleaning thoroughly, so the soot cleaning cycle extended, the energy consumption of soot cleaning, compressed air consumption can be greatly reduced. At the same time, the filter bag and pulse valve fatigue also reduced accordingly, thus exponentially increase the filter bag and the service life of the valve;
3. Maintenance in bags can be constantly system fan, system under the condition of normal operation of the chamber. Filter bag mouth of the elastic ring, sealed performance is good, strong and reliable. Bag filter bag keel using polygon, reducing the friction and keel, prolong the life span of the bag, and convenient for unloading bags.
4. Using the upper suction bag in bag when pulled out after the skeleton, dirty bag bottom ash hopper into enclosure, removed from the manhole, improved in bags of operating conditions.
5. Box adopts the design of gas tightness, good sealing, inspection door with good sealing material, production process with kerosene leakage, leakage rate is very low.
6. Inlet and outlet duct layout is compact, small flow resistance.

Technical parameter:
Model Filter area
Dust concentration
Filtration velocity
Filtered air flow
H2o (mm)
Overall Size
MC24-Ⅱ 18 <15 2-4 2160-4320 120-150 99.5 1090×1678×3667 1133
MC36-Ⅱ 27 <15 2-4 3240-6480 120-150 99.5 1490×1678×3667 1485
MC48-Ⅱ 36 <15 2-4 4320-8640 120-150 99.5 1890×1678×3667 1495
MC60-Ⅱ 45 <15 2-4 5400-10800 120-150 99.5 2290×1678×3667 1730
MC72-Ⅱ 54 <15 2-4 6480-12960 120-150 99.5 2690×1678×3667 1950
MC84-Ⅱ 63 <15 2-4 7560-15120 120-150 99.5 3090×1678×3667 2230
MC96-Ⅱ 72 <15 2-4 8640-17280 120-150 99.5 3690×1678×3667 2400
MC120-Ⅱ 99 <15 2-4 10800-21600 120-150 99.5 4450×1678×3667 2870

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