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Air chute is usually applied in conveying powder drying, material after entering some slot, compressed air blow out through the air layer, making it the flow state, and the arrangement of the tilt slot glide and achieve the purpose, air chute is a kind of system with simple, less investment, quick effect, easy maintenance, reliable operation of the transmission device, and can multipoint discharge, but due to the equipment need to tilt installation, therefore, requires a certain layout, air chute gas supply system adopts segmented time limit for a project, to ensure stable and reliable delivery, breathable layer choose five new canvas conveyor plate, using silica gel seal, effectively prevent leakage, leakage powder. Is the role of air chute dry ash collected together, and enter the air lift pump. Is the role of air lift pump pump dry ash vertical hitting dozens of meters high in the body of the transit ash library: this system is suitable for the dry ash on-site warehousing.
The machine body is driving part, adopts the new layer of the tu lun breathable, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low moisture absorption, light weight, smooth surface, easy to change transport direction, etc, this machine can multipoint feeding and multipoint discharge.
Use and maintenance:
1. Open fan first, then feed on startup, shutdown when first stop charging, work to send out again after (or close to) stop the fan, the fan on the bifurcation downtime when not in use;
2. Delivery tank should be kept sealed, if there is any leakage, leakage powder should be maintenance;
3. Tailoring, according to the requirements of the size of the cut out good, breathable layer electricity iron (steel) or heat heating blockade will slit, prevent diffusion;
4. Punch, with slightly less than iron heating, the diameter of the bolt installation at the site of the air layer around the need to punch hole. Don't let the fire burn out breathable layer when perforation. If use rig drilling, drilling rig with a hot iron will around the iron heat sealed, in order to prevent the decoherence;
5. Will breathe freely, on the floor tile made box through the bolt, all around and iron clamp, tighten the screw can be used.
6. Layering (or flange) should go to thorn, grinding welds dry;
7. In order to ensure the seal, under the air layer near the surface smearing on polymer sealant (or plus 10 mm thick felt pad).

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