Special Titanium Dioxide Rotary KilnTitanium Dioxide Rotary Kiln

Brief introduction:
Rotary kiln calcining kiln structure of titanium dioxide is similar to alumina, cement industry, the cylinder is made of steel plate, the inner lining refractory lining, forming a predetermined angle with the horizontal line. Cylinder sleeve has three pieces of rectangular wheel support in each file support device. In the middle belt near the cylinder with tangential spring plate fixed with a big gear ring, the 300 a small meshed gears. During normal operation, the main drive motor through reducer to transfer power to the open gear driving device, rotary kiln.
Working principle:
The hydrolysate cake filtration after the input has certain inclination and slow, titanium dioxide (rotary kiln is rotary cylinder end), and kiln head direction (low-end cylinder combustion flame) mixing chamber and hot air blown into the furnace clean the filter cake to dehydration, calcination. The hydrolysis of titanium dioxide cake with high temperature above 1000 ℃ for dehydration, calcined with titanium dioxide rotary kiln body tilt, both along the circumferential direction tumbling along the axial direction (from the high-end to low-end mobile), continuous process complete dehydration and calcination. Double hydraulic ultimately lower cover through the kiln head turning plate unloading valve into the cooling machine, cooling, screening the material is titanium dioxide products.

Technical Parameter:
No. Specifications
(m )
Drawing No. Basic parameters Main reducer Main motor Roller type Support bearings Weight
Speed (r/min) Slope (%) Capacity (t/d) Model Power (kw) Speedr/min
1 Φ2.4×38 (T929) 0.2 ~0.6 2.2 30 ZS125 30 1470 Mechanics Roll 150
2 Φ2.8×53 J920 0.1 ~0.3 4 50 ZS145 22 1470 Mechanics Roll 271
3 Φ3.2×55 J931A 0.1 ~0.3 4 67 ZS165 55 1470 Hydraulic pressure Roll 275.4

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