Electro-vibrating FeederElectro-vibrating Feeder


Electro-vibrating feeder can be widely used in metallurgy, coal, electric power, machinery, chemical industry, building materials, light industry and food and other industrial and mining enterprises in (for example: from the discharge of silo, the belt conveyor, bucket elevator, feeding, crusher, ball mill feeding, do quantitative feeding in packaging system, in batching system makes homogeneous continuous ingredient, etc.). Electromagnetic vibrating feeder has simple structure, convenient operation, without RunHua, small power consumption; Can adjust the volume of feed evenly; Therefore has been widely used. Generally used for loose material. Used for the massive, granular or powder material quantitative or continuous supply. Widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, electric power, chemical, food, glass, refractories and other industries.
Working principle:
Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is a relatively complete double directional forced vibration of elastic particle system, the whole system works in low critical resonance state, mainly using the electromagnetic vibrator drive tub do reciprocating vibration at a certain Angle, make the material move along the trough. Material is placed in the main vibrating spring support feed tub, armature, become an organic whole repeatedly with the major spring of the tub coil winding on the iron core. Flows because of the coil is after a half-wave rectifier of one-way pulse current, therefore, electromagnet creates a corresponding pulse electromagnetic force. In the positive half cycle of an alternating current, pulse electric current flows through the coil, between the core and the armature to produce a pulse electromagnetic suction, make the tub backward movement, the main spring vibrator deformation occurs, stored potential energy; In the negative half cycle, there is no current in coil, electromagnetic force, armature in under the action of spring force is separated from the electromagnet, the chute ahead, such as manger ac power frequency, reciprocating vibration continuously.
This series of electromagnetic vibration feeding machine has small volume, low noise, light weight, high working frequency, less power consumption, can be used in the process of automatic control to realize the automatic production process. Stepless adjustment of quantificationally, but under the condition of rated voltage, the amplitude of frequent starting and continuous operation, easy installation and maintenance. In use process, can adjust vibration force to change and control flow, thus convenient adjustment, stable flow, low noise, small power consumption, no flow phenomenon, at the same time, the machine has light weight, small volume, convenient maintenance, etc, such as the close structure, can prevent the dust spillover and environmental pollution.
(1) Uses the half-wave rectifier control circuit, can be adjusted within the rated output of quantificationally, and can be used for automatic control of production process, to realize the automatic production.
(2) According to user requirements, provide automatic amplitude control system, feeder amplitude fluctuation plus or minus 3% or less. Form a complete set of microcomputer control box can realize intelligent feeding, high stability.
(3) Simple structure, light weight, do not need lubrication, easy maintenance.
(4) Due to the near resonance principle, the low energy consumption. Material is slightly behind movement within the tank, wear small manger.

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