Reversed Blowing Bag Dust CollectorReversed Blowing Bag Dust Collector

Reversed blowing bag dust collector is divided chamber circulating cleaning, lower air inlet filter, high efficiency dust collector, applies to the metallurgical, chemical, building materials, electricity, food processing, machinery and other departments and industrial furnaces or boilers.
Reversed blowing bag dust collector to clean dust concentration of <30g/Nm3, particle is above 0.1uAm, temperature <260 ℃ dust containing gas equipment, dust removal efficiency can reach 99%; equipped with automatic program of advanced control dust control system, electric control system with cleaning function of automatic monitoring; in order to debug maintenance and safety for dust removal system operation, control system also has a manual cleaning function.
Working principle:
Reversed blowing bag type dust collector is aided by the reverse blower airflow to clean dust on bag filter, general requirements for the dust concentration is less than 200g/Nm3, dust collector is generally composed of several rooms. Each room to install a main air valve and a reverse blow valve, respectively in the exhaust pipe and reverse blowing pipe is connected, when the dust collecting chamber work, main air valve open, reverse blow valve is closed, the smoke dust through the air inlet pipe, enters the studio from the lower bucket, the plate into the the bag cavity, the dust is inner surface resistance in the bag, flue gas be purified through the filter bag from the upper part of the main air valve into the exhaust pipe by the fan discharge. When the dust collecting chamber cleaning, first close the main valve, cut off the air, bag from expansion into loose state, because the bag deformation, the dust layer rupture, and then, open the reverse blow valve, at this time, a reverse blowing from the outer surface of the bag into the bag was deflated, shape, anti blowing dust in the under the effect of falling into the lower part of the ash removal. Repeated switch, reverse blow valve can be repeated several times, change the filter bag, is conducive to the dust cleaning.
Performance characteristics:
1. The equipment is not stopping points room change bag, simple operation, safety and reliability, low operating cost;
2. Strong adaptability. At high temperature (250 ℃, 280 ℃ moment), high dust (100g/Nm3), high humidity (dew point 60 ℃) effective operation conditions;
3. The dust collection efficiency is more than 99.9%, the emission concentration of < 50mg/Nm3, smokeless and dustless, emission standards;
4. The long bag cleaning technology, the automatic control system of anti condensation structure design, advanced temperature, long service life of filter bag;
5. Can be used in rotary kiln, machine shaft kiln dust, high temperature kiln drying equipment..

Technical Parameter:
Model Filter area
Capacity (m3/h) Filter bag size
Filter bag number  
Overall Size (mm)

Filter quality (kg)
LFEF-3×15 45 1620 2160 2700 Φ180×2650 30 Φ1818×7905 5000
LFEF-3×24 72 2628 3500 4380 Φ180×4300 30 Φ1818×9606 5900
LFEF-3×34 102 3708 5000 6180 Φ180×6100 30 Φ1818×11406 6700
LFEF-4×20 80 2880 3840 4800 Φ180×2650 52 Φ2340×9030 8900
LFEF-4×32 128 4536 6048 7560 Φ180×4300 52 Φ2340×10680 10000
LFEF-4×45 180 6480 8640 10800 Φ180×6100 52 Φ2340×12480 12000
LFEF-4×131 524 18864 25152 31440 Φ180×6100 152 Φ4000×16140 20000

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