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Lignite dryer is one of the Daiwo machinery production of drying machine series of Shanghai, the equipment is suitable for drying lignite, coal, coal, coal, coke and other granular, paste material. Especially for the fly ash, coke, coal has a drying effect is unique, the device also known as coal, lignite drying machine drying machine. The lignite drying equipment, a full set of advanced technology, equipment performance unique. Shanghai Daiwo mechanical innovation of internal lignite drying machine for the unique physical characteristics of various coal, lignite dewatering requirements and to meet the requirements of production. Lignite drying machine barrel diameter from the diameter of 1.5 ~ 5.2m, 10 ~ 30m in length, the amount of hours from 10 ~ 500t/h, feeding water: 20 ~ 50 ± 5%, after drying the moisture can be reduced to 5 to 15 ± 5% (adjustable).
Main characteristics:
1. Lignite drying machines placed, zero thrust, no axial force burden. Effectively reduce the wheel, ring ring to the taper wear, prolong the service life of the bearing, reduce the accident rate, improve equipment utilization rate, reduce the cost of repair.
2. Are expected to throw the material screen more complete, heat and moisture exchange fully, index was significantly lower than that of 1200kcal/kg · H2O unit heat consumption, so saving energy.
3. The exhaust gas temperature is close to or slightly higher than the dew point, moisture nearly saturated state, also significantly reduced the consumption.
The temperature treatment using surface free water 
4. High wet material; and the structure of water, water of hydration and humidity material is using the low temperature treatment, make full use of the "hot" and "wet" two substances potential as power, that will not cause thermal deformation of metal, but also save the energy, make the equipment operation more safety.
5. Use new technology and new process, completely fit for the characteristics of lignite precipitation particles, the operating temperature is lower than the ignition temperature, even in the absence of inert gas replacement, also won't cause a fire.
Fully guarantee the frequency control system 
6. Excellent: the heating temperature can be adjusted and controlled; the processing amount can be adjusted and controlled; precipitation capacity can be adjusted and controlled.
7. The transmission system of insurance coefficients were magnified 20-30 times, fully meet the gas chemical all-weather continuous operation for a long time, for its high yield, stable yield provide standard water full margin of dry coal.

Technical Parameter:
Motor model→Power
Feed water
Fuel calorific value
of coal
Discharge water
Φ1.2x10 2.5-3 M160M-6→7.5 ZQ350Ⅱ-25 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ1.5x14 7-9 Y180L-6→15 ZQ400Ⅱ-31.5 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ1.5x18 9.5-12 Y180L-6→15 ZQ400Ⅱ-31.5 27±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ1.8x14 12-15 Y200L-6→18.5 ZQ400Ⅱ-31.5 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ1.8x18 14-18 Y200L1-6→18.5 ZQ400Ⅱ-31.5 27±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.0x18 18-22 Y200L2-6→22 ZQ50Ⅱ-31.5 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.0x20 18-23 Y200L2-6→22 ZQ50Ⅱ-31.5 30±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.2x18 21-25 Y200L2-6→22 ZQ65Ⅱ-31.5 27±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.2x20 22-25 Y225M-6→30 ZQ65Ⅱ-31.5 30±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.4x20 25-29 Y225M-6→30 ZQ75Ⅱ-31.5 27±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.4x22 26-30 Y225M-6→30 ZQ75Ⅱ-31.5 30±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.6x20 28-33 Y250M-6→37 ZQ85Ⅱ-31.5 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.6x24 29-35 Y250M-6→37 ZQ85Ⅱ-31.5 30±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ3.0x20 45-50 Y280S-6→45 ZQ100Ⅱ-31.5 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13

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