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 Chinese Prickly Ash Dryer-- far infrared electric energy drying equipment

Product introduction:
Far infrared ray energy drying equipment, electric heating drying equipment is the most advanced, the most energy-efficient, the most ideal. The electrical energy into the infrared, radiation heating, loss of small, uniform heating, and then supplemented by a circular circulation fan, make the drying chamber temperature more uniform, full automatic computer control temperature, can also manually control, simple operation, so it is especially suitable for the moisture content of strict, drying and pollution-free chemical, food, water products, medicine and other valuable products. Far infrared electric baking room is the best example. It uses far infrared radiation heating, automatic temperature control, low power consumption, fast temperature rise, even drying, the drying time is short. The plant is based on many years of production experience of the combination of drying equipment, the far infrared electric automatic chamber drying machine performance is reliable, ideal effect.

1.  The drying effect is good, the room uniform wind, temperature can be adjusted freely, water drying after the uniform, the color of ideal.
2. Equipment and drying room completely separated operation, so it is not exposed to sulfur dioxide gas drying medicinal Zanthoxylum drying, nor will there be fire.
3. The bottom side ventilation, ventilation equipment, ventilation and top three, according to the different requirements of the medicinal materials and room design pepper drying machine, and equipped with strong wind AC system pepper drying box, the drying room enough air.
4. Can be equipped with loading cart and a screen basket Zanthoxylum drying machine, to meet different customer requirements.
5. The fuel is wide, low operation cost, can be made of wood materials, such as: wood shavings, sawdust. Natural gas, coal, electricity is available.


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