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Rotary dryer is used in drying slag, clay, limestone and other materials, mainly used for cement, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, etc, can also be applied to central plains and phosphate fertilizer and compound fertilizer production, metallurgy, chemical and other industries of all kinds of material drying. Has great capacity of drying, smooth rotation, low energy consumption, convenient operation, high yield, etc.
The main structure:
Its main part is mainly composed of shell, roll ring before and after the roll ring, the gear, gear roll; Drag roller, pinion, discharging part, Yang plate, reducer, motor, air way, feeding chute and furnace body parts.
Rotary dryer can be designed according to user requirements form a complete set of producer gas generator, the combustion chamber, or elevator, belt conveyor, constant feeder, cyclone, induced draft fan, etc.
Working principle:
The dryer of heat from the combustion device, the dryer adopts downstream type heating mode. Therefore need drying of material, from the feed tank, feeding sneak into the cylinder, and copy is spiral plate to after. Materials because of the dryer tilted, on the one hand, the gravity and rotary low back end, on the other hand the material being repeatedly grabbed, copy board to top constantly raise and down again, make the material within the cylinder form uniform curtain, sufficient heat exchange with tube in the heat flow, due to the material repeatedly Yang, contains moisture by drying, gradually so as to achieve the purpose of drying.
Performance characteristics:
1. Rotary dryer, high thermal efficiency, energy saving effect is obvious, the thermal efficiency considerably more than the traditional single drum dryer;
2. The machine length shortening, is helpful to process arrangement. Than the single cylinder dryer machine length shortened about 40%, and reduce the construction area of factory building, save construction investment, also more suitable for old plant modification process arrangement;
3. The machine's external surface area than the single tube rotary dryer is reduced by more than 30%, the external and internal cylinder has heat preservation and heat insulation effect, outer tube surface temperature is low, less heat loss, at the same time of high efficiency and energy saving, greatly improve the working environment and working conditions;
4. This machine structure is compact. Level of the whole machine layout, using roller bearing, cancelled size gear transmission, instead of riding wheel transmission, makes the convenience of the equipment installation, manipulation, more simple, more reliable operation and operation rate is higher;
5. A variety of feed plate design, Angle feed plate with a swastika feed organic combination, make the material with hot flue gas exchange more fully, reduce the production mechanism of the dryer cylinder body "wind tunnel";
6. Adopts frequency control of motor speed, adjust the dryer cylinder speed equipment, according to the water into the machine, production requirements, adopting the appropriate speed, to ensure the demand of next working procedure;
7. The automatic temperature monitoring and control system, make the operation more convenient.

 Technical Parameter:
Model(m) Diameter



Speed (r/min)

Inclined degree (%)

Motor Reducer Weight

Model Power
Ф1.5×12 Ф1500 12000 6-9 1.4-7 5 YCT-225-4B 15 JZQ500 18.6
Ф1.5×14 Ф1500 14000 7-10 1.4-7 5 YCT-225-4B 15 JZQ650 17.9
Ф1.6×14 Ф1600 14000 8-11 1.4-7 5 YCT-225-4B 15 JZQ650 18.6
Ф1.8×14 Ф1800 14000 9-13 3.5-6.5 5 YCT-225-4B 15 JZQ650 20.85
Ф2.0×14 Ф2000 14000 11-16 2.2-7.4 5 YCT-250-4A 18.5 JZQ750 23.2
Ф2.2×12 Ф2200 12000 12-17 2.2-7.4 5 YCT-250-4B 22 JZQ750 30.3
Ф2.2×14 Ф2200 14000 14-20 2.2-7.4 5 YCT-250-4B 22 JZQ750 32.23
Ф2.4×18 Ф2400 18000 21-31 2.2-7.4 4 YCT-280-4A 30 JZQ850 45
Ф2.4×20 Ф2400 20000 23-34 2.2-7.4 4 YCT-315-4A 37 JZQ850 54
Ф2.4×22 Ф2400 22000 26-38 2.2-7.4 4 YCT-315-4A 37 JZQ850 58
Ф2.6×20 Ф2600 20000 28-40 2.2-7.4 4 YCT-315-4B 45 ZQ100 60.5
Ф2.6×24 Ф2600 24000 33-48 2.2-7.4 4 YCT-315-4B 45 ZQ100 72.7
Ф3.0×20 Ф3000 20000 35-54 8.4-3.85 4 YCT-355-4A 55 ZL100 86
Ф3.0×25 Ф3000 25000 46-64 8.4-3.85 4 YCT-355-4B 75 ZL100 96
Ф3.0×28 Ф3000 28000 52-74 8.4-3.85 4 YCT-355-4B 75 ZL100 122
Ф3.2×25 Ф3200 25000 60-80 2.4-7.6 4 YCT-355-4C 90 ZL115 119


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