Straw GasifierStraw Gasifier

Straw gasifier is our new renewable product which can generate clean and useful gas wastes and wood waste, such as straw, cutton stalk, peanut shell, wood shaving, wood chips,etc.  

1. New design, advanced technology, scientific and compact structure, high efficiency, simple operation.
2. Only 2 minutes to generate gas. And it takes 8or12 minutes to boil 4.5kgs water same as the natural gas.
3. Feeding raw material, generating gas, using gas can realize simultaneously.
4. Good cleaning device to control the tar content, ash content, water content and guarantee the gas clean and good.
5. The occupy area is not over 1 square meter. Gasifying efficiency can get to 70%. The heat value of gas is 4600-5200KJ/m3.
6. And we can design the suitable power according to customer’s electricity situation.


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