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Vinasse Dryer will produce liquor distillery is the main raw material, malt, rice and hops through saccharification, after pasting process to filter or filter residual solid matter. It is the main composition of wheat shell, wheat germ, rice embryo and endosperm, these composition contains a large amount of it is difficult to decompose without decomposition and crude protein, crude fiber and crude fat polymer nutrients, it is processed has now become one of the sources of raw materials for production of protein feed.
Distillery is the largest output in large amounts of by-products in the wet vinasse, but wet vinasse perishable, so in easy environment pollution, transportation and storage in recent years, many wineries began to deep processing of wine by-product, such already can reduce environmental pollution, and can increase the economic benefit of vinasse dryer can rapid moisture content in about 85% of the wet grains after dehydration, drying to 10% moisture content in dried, at present this set of equipment has been in many domestic major wine, feed processing enterprises put into use, and create considerable economic benefits.
Working principle:
Vinasse dryer mainly by the heat source, feeding machine, drying drum, transmission device, cutting machine, induced draft fan and power distribution cabinet.
Wet brewer's grains into the drying cylinder, cylinder body is equipped with multiple arrangement for spiral copy board, through the rotation of the cylinder to drive copy board will vinasse continuously raise, are struck device to prevent material bonding are and copy board, the raise of the material and lead by the wind system into good contact with the heat flow, speed up the drying heat transfer, mass transfer, evaporation, drying, is being exhausted from port discharge. Vinasse dryer can rapid moisture content in about 85% of the wet grains after dehydration, drying to 10% moisture content in dried and used to produce high protein feed, realized the mechanization of vinasse dry processing, industrialization and automation.
Performance characteristics:
1. High mechanization degree, large production capacity, can work continuously.
2. Simple structure, fine, material through the barrel resistance smooth operation, easy to operate.
3. Wine slag dryer less faults, low maintenance cost, low power consumption.
4. The uniformity of product drying is good.
5. The product after drying without peculiar smell.

Technical Parameter:
Specification (mm) Capacity (t/h) Feed water (%) Discharge water (%) host power (kw) Coal calorific value ((kcal/kg)) Tons of moisture evaporation (t)
Φ1200x10000 1-1.5 65±5 ≤10 7.5 ≥6000 0.61
Φ1500x12000 2-4 65±5 ≤10 11 ≥6000 1.32
Φ1500x15000 2.5-5 65±5 ≤10 15 ≥6000 1.53
Φ1500x18000 5-8 65±5 ≤10 15 ≥6000 1.83
Φ1800x18000 8-12 65±5 ≤10 18.5 ≥6000 3.61

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