Metal Cutting DryerMetal Cutting Dryer


Metal cutting dryer is drying in special drying equipment development of metal powder of such waste, can effectively reduce the moisture, eliminate oil pollution. Wet materials into a dryer, uniform in cylinder cloth copy board is turning, the material in the dryer is evenly distributed and decentralized, and the flow (reflux) of hot air and full contact, to speed up the drying and heat transfer, mass transfer.
Metal cutting and drying machine is applied in chemical industry, mines, metallurgy and other industries of large particles, drying, a large proportion of materials such as: metal powder, superfine metal powders, high pure metal powder, nanometer metal powder, iron, scrap iron, iron powder, aluminum powder, aluminum powder, aluminum powder, copper powder, copper powder, grinding copper scrap, copper mud, electron tubes, scrap, scrap tin pin pin solder waste, waste, electronic pin separation of Cu Sn, blast furnace slag, ore, coal, metal powder, phosphate, ammonium sulfate. There are special requirements on powdery, granular materials drying.

1. can be as high as 80% drying moisture after drying, powder fineness, the minimum up product moisture content 0.1%
2. TEDA powder special drying equipment using continuous drying, improve production efficiency.
3.effectively reduce the powder dust consumption, reduce material waste and loss
4. save the cost, compared with traditional powder drying equipment, cost savings of nearly 30%
5. short process flow, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, small occupation area, simple configuration, convenient control, good operating environment
6. high dust removal efficiency, effectively solve the problem of dust pollution.

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