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The indirect dryer is mainly composed of a rotary body, lifting plate, driving device, supporting device and a sealing ring and other components. With reasonable structure, well made, high output, low energy consumption, easy operation etc.. Indirect heat dryer has the advantages of compact structure, simple structure, reasonable layout, improve the exchange rate of material and energy to heat, so that the material has good drying effect; infrastructure less, only the same yield of single cylinder drying machine 1/2, reduce the one-time investment; reliable operation, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency; at the same time, easy to realize automation control, reduce the operating personnel, labor saving resources.
Indirect heat drying machine is mainly used for granular material dries certain humidity and particle size range. Such as sand, sand, slag, slag, clay and small particle size, high temperature and dust and other small particles. After drying the moisture content can reach 1 - 0.5%. It is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement industry, limestone, coal, slag drying slag, clay and other materials.
Main features:
1. The equipment investment is required to imported products 1/6.
2. To ensure that the material will be below 0.5%, is dry mixed mortar and slag powder production line product of choice.
3. Cylinder self thermal insulation thermal efficiency as high as 70% or more (the traditional single cylinder drying machine thermal efficiency is only 35%), heat efficiency is increased by 35%.
4. Fuel, oil, and gas for coal. Can bake 20mm block, granular and powdery materials.
5. Than the single cylinder drying machine to reduce the area of about 50%, the investment of construction is reduced by about 50%, reduce power consumption by 60%.
6. According to the requirements of users can easily control the final moisture index.
7. Air temperature is low, dust removal equipment used for a long time.
8. Without the size of gear transmission, using the wheel drive.

Technical parameter:
Specifications/Model Outer cylinder diameter Inner cylinder diameter Cylinder length Cylinder volume Cylinder slope Lifting plate type Highest intake air temperature Overall Size(m)
Φ1.5×15m 1500mm 500 mm 15 m -- 3-5% Lift 850℃ 16.2×2.7×2.7
Φ1.5×17m 17 m -- 18.2×2.7×2.7
Φ1.5×19m 19 m -- 20.0×2.9×2.9
Φ1.8×21m 1800 m 650 mm 21 m -- 3-5% Lift 850℃ 22.5×2.7×2.7
Φ1.8×23m 23 m -- 24.5×2.9×2.9
Φ1.8×25 25 m -- 26.5×2.9×2.9
Φ2.2×21m 2200 m 800 mm 21 m -- 3-5% Lift 850℃ ----
Φ2.2×23m 23 m --
Φ2.2×25m 25 m --

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