Mineral Powder DryerMineral Powder Dryer


Powder drying machine is mainly used for drying powder materials, and can be called powder dryer. The special drying equipment development of powder material, can effectively reduce the moisture, eliminate oil pollution. Wet materials into a dryer, uniform in cylinder cloth copy board is turning, the material in the dryer is evenly distributed and decentralized, and the flow (reflux) of hot air and full contact, to speed up the drying and heat transfer, mass transfer.

Powder dryer is a dryer handle a large number of materials. As reliable operation, flexible operation, strong adaptability, large capacity, widely used in metallurgy, building materials, food, light industry, chemical industry, coal, mining industry in medicine. Rotary drum dryer generally adapted to granular materials, and can also be used for dry and sticky paste like material way for some mixed materials or materials with higher water content. He has the advantage of large capacity, wide application range, small flow resistance, operation allows a larger range, convenient operation etc.. Slag drum dryer is used to dry sand, iron ore, coal, slag, sludge etc.

Technical Parameter:
Model TDYZ800 TDYZ1000 TDYZ1500 TDYZ2200
Feeding spiral throughput ≥800kg/h ≥1200kg/h ≥1800kg/h ≥3000kg/h
Dryer moisture evaporation 350kg/h 650kg/h 900kg/h 1300kg/h
Roller rotation speed and power 3-4rmp,4kw 3-4rmp,5.5kw 3-4rmp,10kw 3-4rmp,15.5kw
broken shaft speed and power 150-250rmp,3kw 150-250rmp,4kw 150-250rmp,4kw 150-250rmp,5.5kw
Induced draft fan power 7.5kw 11kw 15kw 18.5kw
Coal consumption (SCE) ≤70kg/h ≤110kg/h ≤170kg/h ≤220kg/h
Power consumption ≤10℃/h ≤15℃/h ≤20℃/h ≤30℃/h
Covers ≥80m2 ≥100m2 ≥120m2 ≥150m2
Plant height ≥3.8m ≥4.2m 5.5m ≥5.5m
Dryer Weight 5.5t 8.5t 15.5t 23.5t


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