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Equipment Introduction:
Chili dryer is suitable for drying rate lower difficult dry mass production material, equipment structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, simple operation, convenient maintenance and steady operation. Can design according to the properties of dry materials into different forms of hot air circulation drying, hot air circulation drying oven is the extension and improvement of the, are widely used in metallurgical additives, chemical, food, packaging, and other fields. As the enterprise technology advancement, the improvement of product technology content, multilayer belt drier has to satisfy production, diversified, centralized control, the ability of continuous production. With the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, easy to manage.

Chili dryer is a batch production with continuous type drying equipment, used for permeability good sheet, strip, dry granular materials, for dehydrated vegetables, such as catalyst, Chinese medicine yinpian high moisture content, and do not allow the high temperature material particularly appropriate; This series of drying machine has fast drying speed, high evaporation strength, good product quality advantages, the dehydration cake paste material, need to the granulation or made into strip rear can dry.
Chili dryers dryer is a kind of batch and continuous production of drying equipment, the main heating mode are electric heating, steam heating, hot air heating. Its main principle is to put the material evenly spread in the net, net belt with 12-60 steel mesh belt, the driving device drag moving back and forth inside the drying machine, hot air in the materials passing through, the water vapor from the eduction in the platoon is wet hole, so as to achieve the purpose of drying, the body length is made up by the standard section, in order to save space, the dryer can be made into multi-layer type, there are two common room three, two room five layers, length, 6-40 m, effective width 0.6 3.0 m.

Equipment Characteristics:
1. Small investment, quick drying speed, high evaporation intensity.
2. High efficiency, high yield, good quality of products
3. Standardization production, after drying the chili peppers are of good quality. 

Technical Parameter:
Model Dimensions(m) Effective drying length(single layer m) Equipped motor power(kw) Capacity(t/h)
10m/ 3 layers 12.5*2.44*2.96 10 2.2 5-8
20m/ 3 layers 22.5*2.44*2.96 20 5.5 10-15
30m/ 3 layers 32.5*2.44*2.96 30 5.5*2 15-20
10m/ 5 layer 12.5*2.44*4.05 10 5.5 13-18
20m/ 5 layers 22.5*2.44*4.05 20 7.5 20-25
30m/ 5 layers 32.5*2.44*4.05 30 7.5*2 25-30

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