Vertical DryerVertical Dryer


This type of vertical dryer is made of steel structure; inner lining adopts heat preservation materials to keep warm; multilayer high temperature castings are adopted in the roaster; there are vibration system, interception system, temperature control system and intelligent control system installed on some relevant parts of the machine; vapor and smoke are collected with the application of a draught fan and a cyclone dust collector.

Working Principle:
When temperature is showed from 400°C to 500°C by temperature controller on the bottom, materials, whose granularity is not more than 25mm, will be raised to preheating zone by lifter under the instruction of intelligent material level controller; When temperature is showed from 150°C to 250°C by temperature controller on the top, materials will be sent into cross vibration chute by electric shutoff device to take the second preheating. During the vibration-preheating course, materials are dried and loose and evenly distributed into several overlapped distribution cones to take the third drying process till the materials are completely dried and finally discharged.

Technical Parameter:
Model Capacity(t/h) Drying of moisture After drying the moisture Drying time(h) Power(kw)
LG1800 5-10 >25% 1.5-5% 1.5-2.5 15
LG2200 8-12 >25% 1.5-5% 1.5-2.5 22
LG2800 12-20 >25% 1.5-5% 1.5-2.5 37
LG3200 25-35 >25% 1.5-5% 1.5-2.5 55


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