Desulfurization PrecipitatorDesulfurization Precipitator

Working principle:
Sulfur smoke after ShiShi by water atomized into precipitator, through the stainless steel random packings, and an alkaline solution of spraying down on full frictional contact, sulfur and flue gas is fully dissolved . Secularization, except the smoke and ash clean air qi after water (droplets) separation by upper export is induced draft fan after into the atmosphere.

(1) Technical indexes completely meet the environmental requirements and user requirements ;
(2) High efficiency of desulphurization and dust removal ;
(3) Preventing fouling and gray performance is good ,reliable operation ,security and stability ;
(4) Large elasticity of operation , load a wide range ;
(5) Liquid gas ratio is low, a small resistance and energy saving; Basic don't need maintenance, operation cost is low;
(6) Material update ,investment cost is low .
(7) Wide application to coal applicability;
(8) Anticorrosion performance is good, long service life.


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