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Slime dryer according to the principle of work belongs to the rotary drum or rotary drum dryer equipment, is a kind of very mature mining equipment manufacturer production of drying drying equipment, suitable for drying coal industry of coal slurry, sludge, magnetic, heavy metal and non-metallic mineral, concentrate and clay cement industry and other industries. It is characterized by high productivity, easy to operate. Cylinder is a horizontal rotating cylinder, its internal used to after welding have staggered Angle of different kinds of copy board, coal slime dryer cylinder body according to different user requirements, internal can be equipped with use of insulating refractory design, at the feed end in order to prevent material with door ring and spiral copy board. With reasonable structure, well made, high output, low energy consumption, convenient operation. In addition the r&d department of our company after years of unremitting efforts, the boiler exhaust gas can be used as heat source of coal slime dryer, successfully using the boiler exhaust gas dryer, heating without investment, with hot no cost, energy-saving drying, real energy conservation and environmental protection.
High efficiency and energy saving coal slime dryer is on the basis of drum drying machine is developed and become a new type of drying equipment, can be widely used in:
1. The coal industry, coal, coal, flotation plant, mixing plant material drying;
2. Construction industry blast furnace slag, clay, limestone, sand, quartz and other materials drying;
3. Mineral processing industry of various kinds of metal ore concentrate, dry slag, tailings and other materials;
4. Chemical industry, the drying of thermal sensitive material.
1. Dryer, strong overload capacity, large capacity, less fuel consumption, dry low cost;
2. Adopts downstream drying method, by the same side of flue gas and wet material into the drying machine, can take advantage of the high temperature flue gas to obtain high evaporation strength, low outlet temperature of the drying machine, high thermal efficiency.
3. Can change operation parameters according to the different material properties, the material in the dryer cylinder body can form stable whole curtain fabric, quality, and the heat exchange more adequately;
4. New feeding and discharging device, to eliminate the drum dryer feeding jams, discontinuous and uneven return wait for a phenomenon, reduce the load of dust removal system;
5. New type of internal structure, to strengthen the effect on scattered material cleaning and heat conduction, stained with glue phenomenon, eliminates the cylinder to moisture, sticky materials more flexible;
6. Dryer to achieve the "zero thrust", greatly reducing the wheel wear, shell smooth and reliable operation;
7. Drying machine adopts "self-aligning roller device", make the wheel and roll ring with a linear contact forever, thus greatly reduces the wear and power loss of consumption;
8. According to user requirements to control product granularity and moisture, dry coal slime product moisture can reach below 8%, the particle size can be controlled under 8 mm.

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