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Forage Dryer is widely used in a variety of materials drying operations. As reliable operation, convenient operation, strong adaptability, large capacity, it is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, food, light industry, chemical industry, coal, medicine and mining industries. 
Forage Dryer is suitable for drying granular materials in general. It can also be mixed with some materials by drying sticky paste materials or materials with higher water content. Commonly used in dry sand, slag, coal, animal waste and so on.
The Forage Dryer consists of the cylinder, before and after the roller circle, a large gear, gear roll, drag roller, a small gear, a feeding device, lifting plate, reducer, motor, feeding device and other components. Furnace can be designed according to user needs, the combustion chamber, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, feeder, dust and other system equipments.



Technical Parameter:
Model Cylinder body Coal consumption Power Capacity Main machine size
Inside diameter Length Dip Revolving speed
mm mm (℃) r/min Kg/h kw t/h
HDP18120 1800 12000 2--5 5 150 37 5-7 12000×2160×2540
HDP20120 2000 12000 5 200 49.5 8-9 12000×2360×2740
HDP25120 2500 12000 4. 5 300 65 10-12 12000×2860×3240
HDP30120 3000 12000 4 400 73 15-18 12000×3360×3740
HDP35120 3500 12000 4 400 73 18-20 12000× 3860 4240

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