Gas StoveGas Stove

Working Principle:
The hot air stove combustion chamber and heat exchanger in one combined, using the structure of full steel plate multilayer sleeve type, it's consumption chamber in the below of furnace center, circles heat exchanger in the upper and around, air and flue gas are two-pass, flow separately in heat exchanging. In order to improve thermal efficiency, the multiple head helical groove plate heat exchanging technology and turbulent flow principle, thinning laminar flow thickness, make the air and flue gas constantly exchange revolving on the march, greatly strengthened the heat transfer effect.

The main work process:
It produce high temperature flue gas in the furnace by burning of coal, go into smoke ring under the action of fan, and after the heat exchanging with the outside air, through the flue gas ducting and then discharged by chimney, the cold air blow into the shell of the stove ny blower, getting into furnace lateral air ring through furnace arch the stove chamber into the lateral air ring, and supply clean hot air equipment by hot air outlet piping.

Main Equipment:
The hot air stove mainly consists of the grate stoker, refractory bricks, baffle board, hot air stove proper, the flue gas ducting and wind inlet pipe, dust collector, chimney and its bracket, induced draft fan (including adjusting valve), blower (including adjusting valve) and special temperature measuring instrument etc.
The equipments are all from domestic, its performance guideline reach to national advanced level.


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