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Operating principle:
1. The internal device is made up of dozens of heat pipe, after materials into the dryer,materials from the top of the heating duct fell to the bottom of the device,After reaching the bottom will be scraping the bottom of the heat pipe plate when the material kept contact with heat pipe to have a drying effect .This can greatly improve thermal contact area and utilization of the material.
2. The device has forced the top row of wet in the drying process can be a result of discharge large amounts of water vapor in the first place, the complete separation of water vapor drying faster the lower heat loss, because it avoids the material in the process of drying and water vapour exposure to eliminate the Material may not be caused by repeated drying of moisture absorption.
3. Tail of the device has hot air circulation system, we can heat reuse of tail up into a dryer really do make full use of heat to achieve energy - saving effect.
Widely applied to fish meal, blood meal, soybean, brewer, saw dust, fruit, corn germ meal, etc, animal dung and other high moisture materials drying, sterilizing.
With a lower cost, energy conservation, rational, compact, easy to install, easy to adapt to a wide range, versatile, and other characteristics, is the ideal drying equipment of feed industry.

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