Quartz Sand DryerQuartz Sand Dryer

Quartz sand dryer is handling by bringing it into direct contact with a heated gas. Quartz sand Dryer is made up of a large rotating cylindrical tube, the dryer slopes slightly so that the discharge end is lower than the material feed end in order to convey the material through the dryer under. For the quartz sand dryer it have little moisture inside. Usually within 15%, after drying required around 0-1%. And for different required we can help clients get the final effect. Because for our quartz sand dryer the temperature and speed of dryer can adjust.

The quartz sand dryer include:Feeder machine of quartz sand dryer,drier cylinder, gear,roller ring,discharge machine,cyclone,furnace etc. The function of quartz sand dryer cyclone, it also called dust collector, it can collect the dust out from the rotary drum drier. Protect the environment. Quartz sand dryer have temperature detector, so you can check everywhere temperature inisde the rotary drum drier.
Quartz sand dryer is a kind of mechanical equipment which uses heat energy to reduce the water content of materials.
Industrial drying equipment is mainly used in building materials manufacturing, metallurgy and chemical industry, and cement production industry, etc. to dry mineral slag, limestone, coal powder and clay, etc. If used in combination with our coal gasifier, our quadryer can also be used for fine chemical drying. our industrial quartz sand dryers are also regularly used in compound fertilizer production lines.

Technical parameter:
Model Inner diameter of the cylinder (M) Cylinder length (M) Motor power (kw) Cylinder speed (r/min) Overall size (reference)  
φ1×8m 1.0 8 5.5 3-6 8*1.9*2.1  
φ1×10m 10 10*1.9*2.1  
φ1.2×10m 1.2 10 10*1.9*2.1  
φ1.2×12m 12 12*1.9*2.1  
φ1.5×12m 1.5 12 15 12*2.6*2.8  
φ1.5×14m 14 14*2.6*2.8  
φ1.8×14m 1.8 14 14*3.0*3.0  
φ1.8×18m 18 22 18*3.0*3.0  
φ2×18m 2.0 18 22 18*3.2*3.2  
φ2.2×18m 2.2 18 30 18*4.0*3.8  
φ2.2×20m 20 20*4.0*3.8  
φ2.4×18m 2.4 18 18*4.0*3.8  
φ2.4×20m 20 37 20*3.6*3.6  
φ2.8×14m 2.8 14 75 14*4.6*4.6  
φ2.8×18m 18 18*4.6*4.6  
φ3×20m 3.0 20 110 20*5.0*5.0  
φ3.2×18m 3.2 18 132 18*8.0*7.0  
φ3.2×20m 20 20*8.0*7.0  

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