Desulfurization Gypsum DryerDesulfurization Gypsum Dryer

Desulfurization gypsum dryer adopts horizontal wind structure. The top of dryer has a feeding open mouth, wet materials enter the roller by bucket elevator through the feeding mouth. In the upper roller we set material scattered plate with frequency control of motor speed and V type winnowing separated equipment. Inside there are several sets of material slippery cone and materials scattered plate which are fixed by a cross-shaped frame. At the foot of dryer, material slippery cone has wind aperture to ensure the uniform ventilation.
Drum dryer is useful in drying molten material or viscous slurries to obtain flakes. It can be used for research purpose in a laboratory or for small scale production in industries. Materials such as dyes, chemicals, foodstuff can be effectively dried on a drum dryer. The feed material is coated as a thin layer on a drum which is heated internally. Drum rotates slowly and the dried material is cut using a blade mounted on the frame.
1. High thermal efficiency
Adopting air fair-current, in contact with high temperature flue gas, reasonable heat transfer.
2. Stable quality
Adopting flue temperature control and the automatic control system which can make sure that gypsum crystal water won't take off. The moisture can reach below 1%. So the quality will be stable.
3. Low investment
Its floor space is just 100m2. Its cost is 1/5 of rotate dryer. It doesn't have rotating components with simple installation. The investment is 60% lower than rotate dryer.
4. Low energy consumption
It has high thermal efficiency and low coal consumption. There are no other big electric equipment except wind-off device and electric closure device. So its energy consumption is much lower than ordinary dryer.
5. Long-life
The materials of bulk material cone and slippery bowl are all wear-resisting, heat resistant alloy. So its life is longer.The whole equipment do not need repair. 

Technical Parameter:
Feed water (%) Discharge water (%) Main motor power(KW) Coal calorific value (kcal/kg) Inlet temperature 
Φ1.5x14 4-6 60±5 ≤8 15 ≥6000 800±30
Φ1.8x18 6-10 60±5 ≤8 18.5 ≥6000 800±30
Φ2.0x20 8-12 60±5 ≤8 18.5 ≥6000 800±30
Φ2.2x20 10-15 60±5 ≤8 22 ≥6000 800±30
Φ2.4x20 15-20 60±5 ≤8 22 ≥6000 800±30

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