Mesh Belt DryerMesh Belt Dryer

Mesh belt dryer will have to deal with the material through the appropriate institution, such as star, swinging with the case, mill or granulator, distribution on the conveyor belt, conveyor belt through one or several heating unit of channels, each heating units are equipped with air heating and circulation system, each channel has one or more rows of wet system, the conveyor belt through the hot air from above or from down to up through the conveyor belt material, so that the material can dry evenly.

Product features:
1. The mesh belt dryer (mesh belt dryer) can adjust the volume of air, heating temperature, stay time of raw material, speed in order to get the best dry effect.
2. The configuration of equipment is flexible, can use the washing system of screen belt and the material cooling system.
3. The mesh belt dryer (mesh belt dryer) most air recycling, high energy savings.
4. The mesh belt dryer is the unique points of wind device, make the hot air distribution more uniform, ensure the consistency of product quality.
5. Heat source can use steam, thermal oil, form a complete set of points or gas stove.

Product use:
Belt drying machine is commonly used for drying equipment, can be widely used in chemical, food, medicine, building materials, electronics and other industries, especially suitable for the air permeability good sheet, strip, dry granular material, the filter cake paste material, also can by pelleting machine or extrusion molding mechanism of article after drying.

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