Sludge Scattered MachineSludge Scattered Machine

Scatter feed barn equipment is the new special scattered feeding device designwhich our factory has used in the slime drying process for coal, sludge and other high moisture content, high viscosity, easy to agglomerate and the research and development.

Slime special scattered feeding bin is composed of two parts, the upper part is a bucket type hopper, built-in rake type rotary shaft; the lower is a horizontal rotary cutting structure, built-in multi angle irregular rotary cutting blade, the whole machine is driven by an electric motor.

Working process:
Material by forklift or conveying equipment transportation feed scatter feed barn, small clumps of material directly into the lower rotary cutting cavity, bulk material into the lower rotary with small clumps bunker rake device is broken into a certain size after cutting device, cutting, tearing leaves stirring in supination, under extrusion was cut into thin sheet, by discharging port machine.

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