Monocular Cyclone Dust CollectorMonocular Cyclone Dust Collector

Monocular Cyclone Dust Collector, is composed of a cyclone cylinder body, collecting hopper and volute (or hood) is composed of three parts, the cylinder number to distinguish, single cylinder, double cylinder, three cylinder, six cylinder, five kinds of combination, each combination of two kinds of air in the form: type Ⅰ level wind and type II (the upper outlet). For I type double cylinder combination, otherwise the import side wind and wind out of two kinds of combinations, type single cylinder and three cylinder side when the wind only a form, four cylinder and six cylinder combination is only the wind out of form, the type two in various combinations, can use any type of the a wind inlet position, the dust removal equipment has small resistance, dust removal efficiency is high, volume, stable performance, small occupation area and has the advantages of simple structure, practical and cheap characteristics.

1. Has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and management, maintenance;
2. Low price, easy installation, does not need the special foundation;
3. Do not need to change any filter material, a one-time investment;
4. Can be widely used in the treatment of various kinds of dust.

Adaptation scope:
It can be applied to wood, grinding, forging, boiler, incinerator, ceramics, chemical, rubber, plastics, cement, shoemaking, surface treatment etc.



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