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Product description:
Herbs dryer with coal as fuel combustion, clean hot air as drying medium to generate, absorption of traditional Chinese medicine water, drain to reach the wet air, water circulation, reach the required water in traditional Chinese medicine. The equipment is simple, convenient, less investment, good effect, low use cost, is a traditional Chinese medicine, food processing enterprises preferred drying equipment. The equipment can meet the normal temperature and variable temperature drying a variety of traditional Chinese medicine stem requirements, a type of drying equipment and drying equipment.

Working principle:
Medicinal materials drying machine for drying process is the main principle of the heat pump evaporator to absorb heat in the air, or dry waste heat recovery exhaust drying process, after the compressor power, the energy transport (transfer) to the drying box drying box, heat the air through the repeated circulation heating, absorbing the moisture content of materials, its cooling humidification, after the hot air humidity or condensation water removal process, the material of water diversion discharge away, and finally realize the material continuous drying, the highest output temperature is 85 ℃.

Mainly applied to industrial and agricultural production, scientific research, medical and health, laboratory, the product unit drying experiment of heating, heat treatment, the drying oven temperature from 10 ℃ to 300 ℃ can be adjusted arbitrarily selected operating temperature, and with the help of automatic constant temperature box control system. The digital display temperature controller of type, sensitive and reliable, convenient operation, digital display more clearly. Is the tertiary institutions, medical and health, environmental protection and scientific research departments of laboratory and engineering, mining, agricultural industry as a test or production line. This machine with the blowing device, the wind from the air duct into the studio to studio, hot air circulation convection, which is more uniform temperature of good.

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