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The current domestic production of corn drying machine manufacturers were producing different types of equipment, each kind of drying machine price difference is very big. In order to facilitate you fully understand, help customers to buy high quality, the use of corn drying machine has long service life, good reliability, economical and practical.
According to the grain and the flow direction of relative movement, the drying machine can be divided into cross flow, flow, flow, flow and counter flow, mixed flow type countercurrent, shun.
1. Drying technology is advanced, is used in high temperature and rapid drying technology, because the material is highly dispersed in the air, the surface area can be dried evenly, high heat transfer coefficient, high heat efficiency, dry strength.
2. High-speed stirring and drying and air drying combined viscous material, can be fully dispersed, and greatly improves the contact area of the materials and the heat medium, energy efficient for drying process.
3. Simple and reasonable structure, adopts the special material scraping device, effectively avoid the material sticking phenomenon.
4. Covers an area of small, convenient construction and repair work, wide application range, simple operation, stable running.
5. Drying device is arranged at the upper part of the body of high wet material reflux layer, drying out a special mixer, to ensure that the material can be dried evenly and thoroughly.

Technical Parameter:
Capacity(t/h) Motor model and power
Reducer Model Feed water(%) Fuel calorific value of coal Discharge water
Φ1.2x10 2.5-3 M160M-6→7.5 ZQ350Ⅱ-25 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ1.5x14 7-9 Y180L-6→15 ZQ400Ⅱ-31.5 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ1.5x18 9.5-12 Y180L-6→15 ZQ400Ⅱ-31.5 27±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ1.8x14 12-17 Y200L-6→18.5 ZQ400Ⅱ-31.5 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ1.8x18 14-18 Y200L1-6→18.5 ZQ400Ⅱ-31.5 27±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.0x18 18-22 Y200L2-6→22 ZQ50Ⅱ-31.5 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.0x20 18-23 Y200L2-6→22 ZQ50Ⅱ-31.5 30±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.2x18 21-25 Y200L2-6→22 ZQ65Ⅱ-31.5 27±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.2x20 22-25 Y225M-6→30 ZQ65Ⅱ-31.5 30±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.4x20 25-29 Y225M-6→30 ZQ75Ⅱ-31.5 27±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.4x22 26-30 Y225M-6→30 ZQ75Ⅱ-31.5 30±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.6x20 28-33 Y250M-6→37 ZQ85Ⅱ-31.5 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.6x24 29-35 Y250M-6→37 ZQ85Ⅱ-31.5 30±5 ≥5500 ≤13

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