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Steam dryer is also called the dryer. Steam dryer consists of Angle steel, stainless steel plate and cold steel plate. Steam dryer, steam dryer is a large drying equipment by vibration feeding, heating furnace, drying machine, in and out of the wind device, such as components, including vibration feeding device makes the material evenly scattered in the network, with large air flow into the wind fan and take away the material moisture, moisture exhaust to the outside by the wind.
Steam dryer, steam dryer features: low noise, low pollution and good drying effect.

With the rapid advance of haiyan county food production scale, postpartum grain machinery drying demand increasing, large grain for direct sales "fresh wheat" the will of the strong. As to alleviate the problem of "short legs" of tide of grain drying, haiyan county grain bureau, increasing investment, on the basis of the new four dryers, use of the advantages of thermal power plant steam pipe nearly and adopt new technology of steam drying, drying the obvious advantages of energy saving, efficiency of steam. One is to reduce drying costs, improve work efficiency. After four san-jiu dryer steam reforming, the implementation network type energy supply, only need to control the steam flow. Compared with traditional fuel drying, save 50% steam drying cost, shorten the drying time by 40%. During this year's summer grain purchase, will be four steam dryer and the rest of the 12 sets of fuel (coal) dryer put into use at the same time, drying capacity, the actual day baking volume reached 200 tons, for the large grain drying wheat 1200 tons, 1000 tons of rapeseed. 2 it is to reduce the pollution of the environment, the realization of home of "clean". Steam drying new technology to replace the traditional hot air heating system with hot steam, use the accessory product produced by thermal power plant power generation hot steam, through the hot steam heating air, by gaseous form into liquid water, the dryer of the hot air almost no dust impurities, accord with energy conservation and emissions reduction of green environmental protection requirements, and no loss of the dryer itself is the basic, can prolong the service life of dryer, further reduce the cost of drying.


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